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The world is not pet friendly.


Urban pet parents struggle to care for their pets due to limited time, space & healthy resources.

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As a passionate technology leader and designer Jared has delivered new products to market through experience for Samsung, Snapchat, FOX, and GameStop.

Jared Zabel

Experienced 3D designer who leverages the art of great storytelling to create truly immersive 3D experiences.

Mark Cserey

With her many years of experience at LVMH and L'Oreal, Rachael champions global brands which can succeed across channels, successfully enter new markets, and transform customers into loyal fans.

Rachael Johnson

Leads XRC Labs' Opportunity fund, an early stage fund investing in disruptive tech startups. Prior to XRC, Al spent 15 years as a venture investor and 25 years as a Strategy Consultant and Managing Partner at Kurt Salmon.

Al Sambar

A renowned geneticist and founder of EpiPaws™, Andria has spent years working to study and analyze the genetic markers in animals with the goal of advancing longevity research.

Dr. Andria Beal

Chief Financial Officer with over 25 years experience in both public and private companies. Managed budgets up to $3B and 300 staff.

Lois Unger



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Park Team

Park Foundation

Introducing OpenPark

Modern indoor parks, open 365/7, with on-demand care services like daycare, grooming, training, and tele-vet.


Enables democratic decision-making through community engagement and transparent collaboration.


Earn $Park rewards for participating in the Park Ecosystem. Redeem at the ParkShop!

$Park Rewards

Ultimate tool for pet owners who want to take their pet's health and wellness to the next level. 

ParkOwner App

Useful resources that promote wellness, community engagement, and sustainability.


Stay updated with Parkevity

Sign up to receive proactive care insights and receive early access to our pet longevity research study with EpiPaws.


The ultimate global ownership for your best friend.

ParkOwner+ Pass

ParkOwner+ Pass

Limited-edition NFT that unlocks access within the Park Ecosystem.

$300 Off Genesis Sale

Receive a 10% off limited time only discount.

Global Parks2.0

Indoors, climate controlled, and 365/7. Enjoy; on-demand dog parks, daycare, grooming, training, tele-vet, & more.

5% back in $Park Rewards

Earn & spend smart on ParkShop.

WellKit: EpiPaws Pet Age Test

Swab test kit that make proactive care decisions easy.

WellKit: Orivet GenoPet+ Test

For over a decade, Orivet has been trusted by veterinarians and breeders as a worldwide leader in canine genetic research.

ParkID Tag

NFC enabled tag that connects savvy pet parents with their lost pets.

Community Voice Rating x3

Have an impact on your Park experience and influence community decisions.

Parkners Incentives

Access to exclusive discounts, claims, and VIP experiences.

ParkOwner+ Benefits: