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Barking Up the Wrong Tree? Explore OpenPark

We've all heard the buzzword "smart" applied to everything from cellphones to refrigerators. Here at OpenPark, this adjective isn't just reserved for technology. There are always more innovative ways of doing something, and we're passionate about applying this logic to our dog parks.

OpenPark is a community of smart park owners and pet lovers dedicated to improving the modern dog park experience. How do we do this? By combining the typical dog park experience with the attributes of a wellness club.

The result is a facility that doesn't just serve as a local pet gathering place. It's a community dedicated to improving your furry friends' daily lives and health. Let's take a closer look at some benefits when investing in OpenPark.

A Safer Option For Your Furry Friend

Unfortunately, there's a significant problem with most public dog parks, and that's pet safety. For one thing, there's no requirement for the animals at the parks to be vaccinated. That means that your dog could be exposed to any number of potentially harmful diseases.

On top of that, many owners bring aggressive, untrained dogs to these parks. This can lead to fights which result in horrific injuries both for owners and pets. In extreme circumstances, it can even result in the death of a pet.

Here at OpenPark, we dedicate ourselves to tackling these problems in our smart parks. First, all the pets in our parks must provide vaccine verification.

On top of that, we also hire park rangers in all of our spaces. These rangers ensure that all dogs are respectful of each other. They'll also intervene in the event of a potential fight. That way, you don't have to worry about a potentially traumatic incident at one of our parks.

Technologically Forward

Here at OpenPark, we're aware that technology has the potential to connect us all. We've developed the Park App to go with our facilities.

This application allows you to connect with your community of dog lovers fully. It also provides wellness recommendations for your animal backed by peer-reviewed data.

Stay On Top of Your Dog's Health

At this point, we're likely all familiar with health trackers like FitBit. This technology allows humans to track important health information like heart rate, calories burned, and sleep cycles. But why should dogs be left out of this important wellness revolution?

Here at OpenPark, we've developed the WellTag. It's a device that tracks crucial activity data on your pet. When you combine this with the attributes unique to your pup, along with the health trends we rigorously follow, the result is a pet that lives longer and happier.

Fight Back Against Deceptive Pet Marketing

Sadly, we're all victims of deceptive pet marketing. Certain pet food commercials would have you believe they're the natural solution to your dog's health problems. This message is all smoke and mirrors.

The reality is that these types of food are the equivalent of fast food for your animals. And it’s not just dog food. The same goes for certain types of medications, soaps, and toys. So, how do you find pet products that you can trust? Simple: by joining OpenPark.

All of the products we offer are verified both by our community and providers. That way, you never have to panic about your animal consuming low-quality products again.

Dogs Need Community Too

You'll often hear people talk about the importance of community gathering places like religious centers, town halls, parks, and places of business. These areas give us the ability to get outside of ourselves. They allow us to see that we're connected to a bigger picture.

So, why do we often leave man's best friend out of these spaces? OpenPark dedicates itself to the idea that a safe gathering place is crucial for owners and dogs. The longer you spend with us to more social recommendations we'll be able to provide for who you spend more time with.

Remember that dogs are the ultimate conversation starter. So it's not just your dog that will benefit from OpenPark. You'll be able to meet like-minded smart dog owners that care about their animals just as much as you do.


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