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What Makes an Ideal Dog Park? 5 Key Features

Did you know that the first dog parks appeared in the US in the 1960s? While dog parks might seem incredibly commonplace these days, the reality is that it wasn’t always this way. Back in the day, the idea of a dog playground was radical.

Dog parks are an excellent place for our furry friends to exercise and socialize. Plus, they can be an ideal location to find a community of dog lovers. Sadly, not all dog parks are created equally. Some can be downright dangerous.

That’s why we made this guide for you. In it, we’ll be going over five features every owner should look for when choosing a dog park. That way, a man’s best friend can have a safe place to play.

1. Activities For the Dogs

Parks that are just small, enclosed spaces aren’t very much fun for our furry friends. At the very least, there should be enough space for your dogs to run around and play games like fetch. However, ideally, the dog park will contain agility equipment and obstacles to interact with.

Hoop jumps and king of the hill platforms are great options. This isn’t essential for a great dog park experience. Some dogs are happy enough with ample space to run around in. But it can mean the difference between a good and a great park experience.

2. Health Verification

You don’t want your dogs to get sick while visiting the dog park. As such, dog parks that require vaccine verification go a step above the rest in protecting your dog’s health. In addition to this, you should make sure that there are proper waste disposal stations.

Remember that pet waste often contains harmful bacteria and parasites. As such, you don’t want it lying around for your canine to interact with.

3. Places For You to Rest

It would help to consider your needs when choosing a dog park. Oddly, you’ll get tired of standing for an hour waiting for your dog to finish playing. So look for dog parks that have things like picnic tables or areas for the other owners to rest while their dogs play.

These double as significant areas to socialize and meet people who are fellow dog lovers just like you. Shade is also an essential attribute for a sunny day, especially if you’re susceptible to sunburn.

4. Hydration Stations

Dehydration is an important health concern that many owners seem to forget about. Remember that dogs are often sprinting around dog parks at full speed. If they don’t have access to water, they can quickly get dehydrated.

This can cause them to lose their appetite, making them even more dehydrated. As such, you should always choose a dog park with access to clean, fresh water. Ideally, there will also be bowls or buckets they can drink out of.

Here at OpenPark, we take our dog’s hydration seriously. Check out our Park FreshWater™, which contains electrolytes and minerals.

5. A Sense of Community

There are over 90 million US homes with pets in them. Sadly, sometimes it can feel like a challenge to find friends for your canine companion. What separates a good dog park from a great one is the sense of community present.

If people bring their dogs to the park every day (or close to it), it’s much easier for your dog to find some buddies. And it’s not just your dog that can benefit from this sense of community. Dog parks are an excellent place for you to make friends as well.

The best dog parks should provide you with fertile ground to feel like a member of the dog community in your area.

What Are Some Dog Park Red Flags?

Sadly, not all dog parks are great. So what are some things that you should look out for when choosing one? First, be careful of areas that don’t have a lot of space. This can cause crowding, which quickly becomes a problem. Frequent bullying is also a red flag.

While this is inevitable sometimes, any good park will have owners or staff quickly intervening. If the behavior is going unchecked, find another park. Lastly, be careful around parks with loose packs of dogs roaming around.

This might not appear like a huge issue, but packs of dogs will often gang up on smaller, more submissive dogs. If it’s not addressed, then the situation can turn disastrous.

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The Importance of a SAFE Dog Park

A safe dog park is more than just a place for your animal to exercise and socialize.

Sadly, there are many public parks out there that contain dangerous, untrained, and unvaccinated dogs. That’s why it’s essential to research to find the most reputable parks in your area.

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